Create a blanket to meet your horse’s individual needs. The ultimate blanketing system that offers maximum versatility depending on weather conditions.

The Horseware Liner System is a simple and flexible system offering horse owners the ability to build a transeasonal blanket that can be adapted to reflect the seasonal blanketing needs. This layering system gives superior insulation properties without the need for two blankets.

Easy to attach and remove, the liner system is a secure alternative to layering blankets allowing outer blankets to be transformed to offer different weight properties depending on the needs of your horse.


Horseware Liners are available in different styles and a variety of weights


Many Horseware Ireland blankets are compatible with this innovative system. Please look out for our Liner System compatible Icon. Liners can be easily washed in a domestic washing machine.


  • Simple system to increase the weight of fill of a blanket without the need for two blankets.
  • Layering offers superior insulation properties by trapping warm air whilst ensuring maximum breathability.
  • Attaches easily & securely to the outer blanket with a Velcro – loop system along the neck and clips at the back end of the blanket to avoid slippage.
  • Horseware Ireland Liners fit easily into a domestic washing machine for frequent washing. A clean inside lining supports healthy skin and prevents irritations. This can be especially beneficial for clipped horses.


You can use any weight turnout that is liner compatible and add a Horseware Liner as additional layer for more warmth, to create a lightweight, mediumweight or heavyweight blanket. The combination possibilities are endless.

*Weight does not constitute actual fabric weight but warmth equivalent compared with fiberfill.